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You want change
but lack direction?
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"What lies behind us and what lies in front of us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"

— O. W. Holmes

Times are changing... the world is becoming smaller yet more and more complex!

Leadership, agility, collaboration and relationship intelligence are paramount to success in professional and personal life.

Great opportunities but also massive challenges ... HELP !

The good news: with my 15 years of experience in corporate management and strong track record in coaching, I will provide you with first-hand insights on how to effectively balance work and life demands, tackle professional challenges and improve personal well-being.

With my clear-cuthands-on yet exploratory coaching, you are no longer stuck with what is wrong but find support to build upon the strengths you have.

I work with you on:

  • ​understanding what you want in life

  • becoming the best leader you can be,

  • assessing the right priorities and actions to transform your career,

  • building a performing team,

  • ​dealing with stress and becoming more resilient,

  • establishing fulfilling relationships at work or at home,

Dream big. Unlock your potential. Start now.



I spent 15 years of my professional life as a senior people manager, leading business projects and global teams in consulting and in the industry.  Those were good times, but at one point, pure business goals didn't do it anymore for me. I redirected my focus towards my key passion: to coach people on their transformational journey to develop their talents, to achieve impact, to feel more confident ...

I made my move, building upon the talent and experience I had, and looking for opportunities within my network. That's about 5 years ago. It wasn't an easy switch.

But I am incredibly happy, grateful and proud I did so. And so can you. Each of us has his or her own career and life goals, his or her journey of change to go through. I am here to listen to you, support you, and hold your back.


​​With my background in business, my strong track record in coaching and my own experience of change, I help you to achieve your goal:

  • I coach you to understand your values and priorities, what drives your inner core.

  • We explore your talents, what steps you need to take and what patterns might hold you back.

  •  support you how to positively deal with drawbacks and overcome obstacles, whilst building on your own strengths



Discover your talent

Make the next step


Create a high

performing team


Provide feedback

Manage conflict


Become the best

possible leader


Understand what you

truly want in life


Build fulfilling



Deal with rapidly

changing environments


Test your ideas

Confide in a trusted party


Grow resilience

Find balance



Over the past years, I collected various techniques and methods.  At the center of my practice is 'Co-Active Coaching', a simple method that allows balance between "being"  and "doing", between higher achievement and fulfillment.

Relationship agility
Courageous action

As a result you will feel more true to yourself, connected to your core and mentally strong. You will get a clear view on where you want to go and what steps to take.

As language is a key element in coaching:

I speak English, German, French and Dutch fluently.



25 min         |        no charge

In a 20 minute free phone call we find out if I can help you with your topic and if we are a good match

This first consultation will also guide you on well on whether to book on-the-go or opt for a package.

A regular session takes 50 minutes. The cost ranges between CHF 159 - 179  (or EUR 146 - 164), depending on the  number of sessions you book.
Sessions of 90 minutes (proportionally priced) are also possible.

You want to discuss a specific topic or book your  sessions on-the-go

         CHF 179 or EUR 164           per session

1 session/ 50min

You want to tackle your issue with a few sessions spread over time

CHF 169  or EUR 155

per session

4 sessions/50 min

You prefer a longer term engagement and commit for  at least 8 sessions

CHF 159 or EUR 146

per session

8 sessions/ 50min


Online chat
By phone



Andrea, Supply Chain Planner

Zug, November 2021

How to summarize my journey with Kristine...

I have learned so much during our sessions and I am still working hard on myself but:

  • I am way more positive than before

  • I do not see new challenge anymore as 'I will not be able to do that',  instead I always say ' I will do my best…'

  • I am not letting the workload stressing me (that much)... work in progress here

  • I am receiving a lot of positive feedback, they all say, that I changed a lot for the better

  • I can raise my hand and show that it is too much without thinking (too much) that I will appear weak. My new favorite word: showing VULNERABILITY. I learned to tell how I feel

  • I am doing really good in my new position, I am learning new things and I like that a lot. I even got a raise because of the good development and hard work I made in the last months

  • I enjoy new adventures and don`t create all the scenarios with : but what if? Okay,  there are some exceptions s till but I am working on them

Of course, there are also bad days but they do not weight that much as they did before. So I take my time to be angry or sad, but I move forward much quicker as before. And I see the good!

So yes.. what I wanted to say is THANK YOU! For showing me how to live on the sunny side of the life! For teaching me how to enjoy the view of this ride we call life.

You really helped me to feel lighter and be more in peace with myself… you  guided me towards the good parts of the life.

I am really happy that I got the chance to meet you and that you had such a positive impact on my life.

So thank you one more time!

Onia, Sustainability Expert

Sankt Gallen, October 2021

I wasn't unhappy but felt like I could do better, when I came to Kristine. I was stuck and wanted help in creating an action plan. But Kristine saw right through me - I didn't get what I wanted, but rather what I needed. She helped me to make an honest inventory of my life. As a result, I felt more appreciation for what was good already, and more empowered to make the right changes due to increased clarity about what is meaningful to me. Visualizations used by Kristine, were very helpful to bypass thinking patterns from the past and discovering my deeper strengths and wishes. I also realized, how some of the old unconscious strategies were blocking me from moving forward, in work and life. Some realizations led to immediate changes in my daily behaviors, resulting in more satisfying relationships in general and more productive collaborations at work.

Thanks to Kristine's insightful guidance, I am now generally contented with my life and excited about what I can bring about in the future, guided by further exploration of my life purpose.

Sandra, Learning & Development Professional

Baden, October 2021

Kristine guided me through a process that was both practical, creative and, at times, challenging in order to move forward in my life, both professionally and personally.  She helped me to draw on inner resources and perspectives I didn't know I had.  What I treasured especially about Kristine was the combination of her well-developed, critical thinking skills plus her emotional sensitivity and intelligence.  As someone seeking to return to an area of work after a career break, I benefited greatly from her insight into the jobs market in Switzerland and the recruitment process.  After a long period of underemployment, I have found a permanent position, and working with Kristine, is a key part of why this happened.

Yves, Creating a modern law firm in Africa

Brussels, August 2020

On the road of life everyone passes some crossroads on a regular basis. The vast majority continues down the same path which feels comfortable and secure with clear signposts, clarity on distance to the destination and road assistance when having a small breakdown. It is normal, it is secure, others have already prepared the path. You must admit that once in a while you glimpsed left or right to see where the side road may lead to. There is no signpost, the road needs maintenance or is a dirt road. Is it actually leading to the lake or mountain on the horizon or will it bend and lead to nothing? 

I had passed already several crossroads and I believed to be on a highway and stopping did not seem to be an option. I tried already a few times to take a turn, but quickly turned back before actually losing sight of the highway. I was again in that position but now more determined but scared at the same time. 

Kristine helped me enormously to turn the wheel and get onto the new road to another horizon. She made me understand that I am fully equipped to take the chance and created the confidence to tackle any issues. Sufficient self-esteem is so important and Kristine made me see that it is an asset and tool at the same time. She confronted me with myself which was a particular experience and very enriching. I am now on the new track and sometimes I lift my foot a bit from the gas, but quickly put again the pedal to the metal and I’m having the time of my life. Thank you Kristine !

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