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Andrea, Supply Chain Planner

Zug, November 2021

How to summarize my journey with Kristine...

I have learned so much during our sessions and I am still working hard on myself but:

  • I am way more positive than before

  • I do not see new challenge anymore as 'I will not be able to do that',  instead I always say ' I will do my best…'

  • I am not letting the workload stressing me (that much)... work in progress here

  • I am receiving a lot of positive feedback, they all say, that I changed a lot for the better

  • I can raise my hand and show that it is too much without thinking (too much) that I will appear weak. My new favorite word: showing VULNERABILITY. I learned to tell how I feel

  • I am doing really good in my new position, I am learning new things and I like that a lot. I even got a raise because of the good development and hard work I made in the last months

  • I enjoy new adventures and don`t create all the scenarios with : but what if? Okay,  there are some exceptions s till but I am working on them

Of course, there are also bad days but they do not weight that much as they did before. So I take my time to be angry or sad, but I move forward much quicker as before. And I see the good!

So yes.. what I wanted to say is THANK YOU! For showing me how to live on the sunny side of the life! For teaching me how to enjoy the view of this ride we call life.

You really helped me to feel lighter and be more in peace with myself… you  guided me towards the good parts of the life.

I am really happy that I got the chance to meet you and that you had such a positive impact on my life.

So thank you one more time!

Onia, Sustainability Expert

Sankt Gallen, October 2021

I wasn't unhappy but felt like I could do better, when I came to Kristine. I was stuck and wanted help in creating an action plan. But Kristine saw right through me - I didn't get what I wanted, but rather what I needed. She helped me to make an honest inventory of my life. As a result, I felt more appreciation for what was good already, and more empowered to make the right changes due to increased clarity about what is meaningful to me. Visualizations used by Kristine, were very helpful to bypass thinking patterns from the past and discovering my deeper strengths and wishes. I also realized, how some of the old unconscious strategies were blocking me from moving forward, in work and life. Some realizations led to immediate changes in my daily behaviors, resulting in more satisfying relationships in general and more productive collaborations at work.

Thanks to Kristine's insightful guidance, I am now generally contented with my life and excited about what I can bring about in the future, guided by further exploration of my life purpose.

Sandra, Learning & Development Professional

Baden, October 2021

Kristine guided me through a process that was both practical, creative and, at times, challenging in order to move forward in my life, both professionally and personally.  She helped me to draw on inner resources and perspectives I didn't know I had.  What I treasured especially about Kristine was the combination of her well-developed, critical thinking skills plus her emotional sensitivity and intelligence.  As someone seeking to return to an area of work after a career break, I benefited greatly from her insight into the jobs market in Switzerland and the recruitment process.  After a long period of underemployment, I have found a permanent position, and working with Kristine, is a key part of why this happened.

Yves, Creating a modern law firm in Africa

Brussels, August 2020

On the road of life everyone passes some crossroads on a regular basis. The vast majority continues down the same path which feels comfortable and secure with clear signposts, clarity on distance to the destination and road assistance when having a small breakdown. It is normal, it is secure, others have already prepared the path. You must admit that once in a while you glimpsed left or right to see where the side road may lead to. There is no signpost, the road needs maintenance or is a dirt road. Is it actually leading to the lake or mountain on the horizon or will it bend and lead to nothing? 

I had passed already several crossroads and I believed to be on a highway and stopping did not seem to be an option. I tried already a few times to take a turn, but quickly turned back before actually losing sight of the highway. I was again in that position but now more determined but scared at the same time. 

Kristine helped me enormously to turn the wheel and get onto the new road to another horizon. She made me understand that I am fully equipped to take the chance and created the confidence to tackle any issues. Sufficient self-esteem is so important and Kristine made me see that it is an asset and tool at the same time. She confronted me with myself which was a particular experience and very enriching. I am now on the new track and sometimes I lift my foot a bit from the gas, but quickly put again the pedal to the metal and I’m having the time of my life. Thank you Kristine !

Melinda, Director Supply Chain in Pharma

Zug, November 2020

I came to Kristine for a reset, wanting to obtain clarity about my purpose and how that translates into my career. I got that - just not in the way I expected.  In the first session, I was hoping for someone to outline a strategic plan and then quickly implement it – it can’t be that hard can it? It’s just about getting clarity about myself and how to advance my career.  

What I actually received was much more.  Kristine helped me understand my own process, done at my own pace and she helped me realize that sustainable amazing awareness does not come overnight.  Career development involves so much more. 

Kristine’s coaching style is kind, thoughtful and confident. With Kristine’s help I surprisingly quickly and honestly developed my true goals. I acknowledged where I had built unconscious bias in my life and how that unknowingly, these fed my fears.  I had to confront them – I dared to move away from my comfort zone, take risk and stop being fearful. In many ways I am stronger, happier and more authentic than I have been in years. After 25 years, I decided to walk away from a high paying senior executive role that was super comfortable and making me super miserable. I had the courage to start on a path of innovation, entrepreneurship and setting my own rules. Regardless if my start-up company succeeds – I am in a place to be able to fail and start again – Thank you Kristine and look forward to continue working with you

Thomas, Lawyer

October 2020

Sometimes, it is worth getting a fresh perspective from a coach who is able to help you understand your drivers and values, unveil your inner saboteurs, and translate conflicting thoughts into actions. 

After months of pondering on the direction of my professional career, Kristine has been able to successfully coach me in this process by being an excellent listener and guide, who is attentive to detail and well-prepared. 

Her style is kind, thoughtful and realistic, and the coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Her co-active coaching style has helped me to dig deeper into certain areas of my life and at the same time keep the bigger picture in mind. It has helped me to connect to my core and made me realise that (and how) you are able to create your own professional and life path. 

Krisztina, VP Destinations

Oslo, December 2020

Kristine has helped me during the biggest career transition I’ve had in 15 years. 2020 has brought many changes and I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with Kristine on redefining my career focus and direction. Kristine helped articulate my values, competencies and achievements and that gave me the necessary clarity and confidence to enter the job market in a country completely new to me. I most valued the work done on identifying and highlighting my strengths, writing a consistent and clear storyline in the CV, formatting and structuring the CV and other documents appropriate to the Swiss job market.

Kristine showed to be resourceful and supportive with an open mind towards me as a client.

I highly recommend Kristine to professionals at a more advanced stage in their career where they need someone experienced and equipped enough to have high level conversations during the coaching sessions. It's been a thoroughly enjoyable and fruitful time working together.

Anna, Director Entertainment Industry

Prague, July 2019

I came to Kristine lost and struggling with many ideas driving me into different directions.

After Kristine’s coaching I am crystal clear on who  I am and what I want, I am stronger and more powerful  as a person and as professional. I have gotten an offer for the position of my dream. And what is also important I know I have a reliable coach and mentor in case I will face difficult situations again.

I appreciate that during our sessions Kristine always stayed in focus and had my objective in mind, being at the same time open minded to explore areas which at first site were not even related to the topic. She mixed our conversations with other activities, that helped to discover more and gave me opportunity to reflect in between sessions.

Thanks to Kristine for me it was great experience in self exploration. Really enjoyed it!

Anina, VP Legal in Pharmaceuticals

Zug, April 2019

I approached Kristine to seek some help with stress management.  The journey I have been on with Kristine has been really incredible. What started as stress management has led to a self discovery and enhancement of my perception on many things in life. Kristine is a great listener and also provides some very useful tips, tools, and asks great questions to help me understand the inner workings of my mind.  The last 8 months of working with Kristine has not changed me as a person but has allowed me to think about concepts in a different way and also to understand my own reaction to situations and where I need to sometimes accept it at face value.  The sessions I have are great and very powerful.   One thing in particular, is that when we would delve into some areas that she felt might be uncomfortable for me, she always sought permission first.  This helps put you at ease and is respectful too.    I am so grateful to have found Kristine as she is an amazing life/business coach with a fantastic temperament.  I recommend her to anyone looking for for some guidance, and like me you never know where the journey will take you, but at least you have strong support in Kristine.​

Silke, PR Manager in Sports

Thun. December 2018

I found Kristine in the midst of having to make a big decision about my professional future: staying with my company of six years or calling it quits and orienting myself in a different direction? In the process of multiple meetings over several months, Kristine helped me structure my competencies, achievements, values in life, as well as helping me see in which environments I thrive best. While the big final decision of course has to be made individually, she helped me identify why I was struggling so much with the process and even shone light on aspects of my personality and career which I hadn’t been able to see myself so far. Her serious but gentle input was very helpful in structuring the situation, working on some old demons and gaining more clarity.

Alexandra, Marketing Specialist in Chemicals

Zurich Oberland, March 2019

​I contacted Kristine because I wanted to understand  some thoughts better. 

She challenged some of my beliefs and assumptions rightfully pointing out that many were created very early in life and very often due to an external influence. Knowing that, I can more easily let go of them when they might not make sense any more.

She has also given me a couple of simple techniques i can use everyday. I am also learning how to be mindful of certain emotions without having to act upon them. 

Overall the sessions have given me more confidence and encouraged me to be more self-aware. 

Kristine is not overly positive or too upbeat if this is what you expect a life coach to be. She is quiet and calm and creates a restful and tranquil atmosphere which i found quite soothing.

Bruno, Project Manager in Pharmaceuticals

Zug, 2018

​I arrived in Switzerland on a great expat contract. Little did I know things would turn out to be rather difficult. I had to work with a Swiss team. I had no clue about Swiss culture and customs, felt like a stranger in my new town and in my job. Kristine's experience with the complex but rewarding journey of ​integration was an eye-opener. Her input on how to interpret Swiss working culture and what to pay attention to helped me through the first months. In the end we talked about many topics in my life. Her challenging me made me change how I think about things. She was also a good listener, maybe that's what I needed most. 

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