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Leading and Influencing - To truly impact others, build trust first

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Generating trust as a leadership skill

What’s the first step you need to take on your journey towards a highly aspirational purpose? It all begins with trust. If you don’t focus on building trust with others, your influence will be limited to only the content or positional power you may have, and you will never experience the type of impact on others that great Leaders have where people say, “I will follow you because I trust in you and I want to be part of whatever you do.”

Depositing on the emotional bank account in order to achieve impact

In this highly inspirational and knowledgeable article, Gordon Hwang from Thinqshift, a coaching company for digital leaders, explains how trust is the basis of everything and he includes my favourite concept of all times, the emotional bank account, once introduced by Stephen Covey.

The idea is that, as with financial accounts, you build up credit through positive interactons and you withdraw from it through negatives actions. If you want to have impact, you need enough credit to fuel trust.

Anyway, a great concept that is widely applicable both on the work floor as in private settings, especially with people that fancy money related discussions ;-)

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