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Achieving goals - How to tame your inner Gremlins

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

What's an inner Gremlin?

A gremlin, in coaching terms, is a habit that stops people from achieving their goals in business or life.

A gremlin is an internal habit or a feeling that seems to run on its own accord-something that rises up and then stops you from taking action on, or completing, a particular phase of a project.

Call it the Inner Critic, Negative Self Talk or Saboteur.

However, gremlin-thinking doesn't have to win out. When you confront a gremlin and question its validity, you gain the wisdom and learn the lessons needed to bypass it.

For example:

In my life, do I suffer from self-sabotaging mechanisms? How will my life change as I learn to let go of these gremlins?

Self-sabotaging behavior is one example of a gremlin.

Fear of dreaming, fear of failure, fear of upsetting, fear of conflict

Let's look in detail at what the four key gremlins are. Read this article by Marilyn Atkinson, the Founder of Erickson Coaching International and originator of the Solution-Focused Coaching methodology. She shares many useful insights and you can click through to other sites with more detailed information and videos as well.

How to deal with Saboteurs?

Maintaining status quo is one of our system's major forces because it assures continuity. So whenever we want to make a change, inner alarms go off and the Saboteurs or Inner Gremlins show up. That's normal. A Saboteur is particularly adept at taking a small piece of truth and stretching, twisting and distorting it into a valuable argument against transformation.

But, you can deal with this: by researching them and giving them a (small) space. And above all: by connecting to your Captain and his Crew! Your Captain is your inner strength, your inner positive and enabling voice.

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