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Self Confidence - Training your mind is possible!

Every wondered why you might feel insecure?

What's the most important and omni-present cause of insecurity for the majority of people, even for world-famous rock stars, lifetime-rewarded geniuses, faster-than-light athletes?

They don’t feel enough.

Well, something can be done about that, and it's not rocket science.

In the following two talks, Marissa Peer, a world renowned speaker, Best British Therapist, and best-selling author with nearly three decades of experience explains how you can train your mind.

Because you can train your mind to do what you want it to.

Collaboration with your mind is crucial, the pictures you make in your head and the words that you say to yourself influence how you feel. In this video, Marissa Peer explains how to tell yourself better things, stretch your mind – make the unfamiliar, familiar.

In summary:

1. Your mind does what it thinks are in your best interested. if you are not getting what you want then you are not collaborating with your mind properly.

2. Your mind is hard wired to move towards pleasure and avoid pain.

3. All your feelings are down to two things 1. the pictures you make in your head and 2. the words you say to yourself.

4. Your mind loves the familiar. If you want to succeed you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar and vice versa.

Simple but great.

Marissa's techniques are about instant transformation.

Contact me if you want to try this out.

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