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Fulfilling relationships - How attachment style impacts your relationship and what to do about it

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

I always seem to make the same mistake...

I fall for the wrong partner, and when I finally get out of the relationship and find a new one, the same issues seem to pop up... Does that sound familiar?

Maybe I exaggerate a bit and it's not all that bad, but still... "attachment style' lays at the core of how you assess and handle connection with others. It has a huge impact on how you behave in a relationship, with friends and family but mostly with the person closest to you - your partner.

Attachment style is an extremely articular those you are close to, and is established in early childhood.

This article from Psychology Today explains different attachment styles quite well

How can I get a more fulfilling relationship?

As the consequences of an insecure attachment style are huge, the next question obviously is what to do if you tend to a more insecure attachment style. The only option is to try to move to a more secure attachment style. This article provides some tips, based on scientific research.

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